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About SupplyorDemand.com



SupplyorDemand.com is owned by NLeader LLC,


NLeader LLC is dedicated to creating web portals and sites with a social cause and focus in mind.


SupplyorDemand.com address:



P.O. Box 2453

Desoto Texas 75123



SupplyorDemand.com was created as a tool to provide a medium for anyone with a talent, unemplyeed or underemployeed individuals, small businesses, and under utilized companies to generate income in these tough economic times. People can save money by taping into this pool of talented workers at a competitive price, and at the same time provide a revenue stream for these workers. In a nut shell create your own job.




Supply or Demand.com is a social networking site for people looking for suitable ways to earn money based on their skills from other members looking for products or services to fit their budget.

If you have any questions or comments concerning our legal documentation, please use our Contact Form.

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