Feeling broke? Now you can use your social media circles to get help.

OR buy services from from people in your social media circles and save money.

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How it works

Understanding the process is easy.


Sign up

Select tasks from a predefined list of categories and activities you are willing to assist with for cash, barter, or for free.


Post a request, if you have one.

List your request, with optional pictures or videos, along with your budget if any. Your request can also be posted to your social media accounts for friends and family to participate.


Recieve responses

Site members or friends agree to do your request for free or at your budget.



Your stuff is done and your friends earned cash, or helped you out in your time of need.

Key features of Supplyordemand.com

Everything you need


Post requests with videos and photos.

Requests can be posted with pictures and videos from your computer, cell phone, or social media accounts. Eliminate disclosing your address for house related requests.


Rating system

Members rate each other on their performance after work is completed, so you can choose the best person on Supplyordemand for your tasks with confidence.


Fully Responsive

Recieve job alerts instantly for tasks that match your profile or know immediatly when someone is interested in your request.


Portfolio builder

Each account comes with a mini website / profile to display photos and videos showcaseing past and present work. This helps drive site members and potential clients to use your services.

Video about the product

Here is a more detailed explanation of the process with a short video.


Common questions and answers

  • What is supplyordemand.com?

    Supply or Demand.com is a social networking site for people looking for suitable ways to earn money based on their skills from other members looking for products or services to fit their budget.

  • How do you use supplyordemand.com?

    Members register and select from specific job categores what they are willing to do to earn cash. Members can also post a job request for goods and services at a price they can afford. Example I need new brakes on my car and can only pay $200.00. Once a request is posted an email alert is sent out to members who's profile match the request. Persons making request are also able to have the task placed on their social media accounts for their friends and family to participate. In the end, persons are able to use their friends and their friend's friends to make or earn cash.

  • Do I have to give out my contact information?

    Personal contact information is not released to any persons interested in your request. Each member account has its own inbox / message board where initial contact takes place. Thus, members can contact each other freely with minimal risk.

  • What type of information can I post in my requests or profile information?

    Your requests should be limited to what product, service, or chore you need done. If you are providing a service, your profile should give details about your service or offering for viewers to get an understanding of what you do. Posting website links, fund me type requests, email addresses, or other forms of communication are prohibited. We provide an internal message board and inbox for initial contact purposes. Posting personal contact information is a violation of our terms of service and will get you banned.


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