Here our are features listed below.

  • Dashboards

    Post requests via our web form or link a video of your request with project details from your phone or existing Youtube account.

  • Buyer / Seller Settings

    Manage how you want to buy or sell services on the site. We provide options to make it easy to cater your experience.

  • Member Reviews

    Each member rates their experience with other members to hold each person accountable.

  • Escrow Accounts

    Each member has an escrow account in order to facilitiate buying or selling of services. This service is optional and not needed to participate on the site.

  • Internal Inbox

    Each member has an a message inbox where they can recieve and send messages to other members.

  • Profile Settings

    Every aspect of your profile can be configured from your account.

  • BookMark Requests

    Bookmark a request to easily find the request and respond later.

  • Save your contacts

    Save contacts of other members you have used before or want to contact later.

  • Request Archive

    Past requests are saved in your account for future review.

  • Bid Archive

    Past request you bided on are saved in your account for future review.

  • Link social media videos

    Create a social media video and link it to your request for members to view.

  • Social Media Enabled

    Post your request your favorite social media account to see if any of your friends will help you.

  • Privacy Settings

    Manage privacy levels of your account.

  • Disk Space

    Know how much space you have left in your photo gallery.

  • Featured Listings

    Listings can be featured on the site for more visibility.

  • Private Listings

    You can select that select persons can see your project request.

  • Urgent Listings

    Need your request done in a hurry requests can be listed as urgent.